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Trion® air cleaners feature charged-media filters that effectively capture large and small airborne pollutants to MERV filtration standards. MERV ratings are a good way to help judge the effectiveness of a filter. In this case, Trion® air cleaners with MERV 8 or 11 rating cleanses the air of pollen, dust, mold, emissions, and more while offering whisper-quiet operation and easy installation.


Trion® Air Bear® media air cleaners offer outstanding performance, effectively removing mold spores, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Using highly efficient, 100% electrostatically charged synthetic material and an extended surface-pleat filter design, the Air Bear® media filters have been proven to have a higher dirt holding capacity than competitive filters – 5 to 10 times more efficient than traditional 1” throw-away filters.

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​Emerson’s germicidal UV lights are designed to help disinfect the internal surfaces of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. Any are contaminants that pass throw system’s air flow are eliminated. This process improves indoor air quality and cleanses the system.

The UV100/UV200 emits an ultraviolet radiation harmless to people but destructive to microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, and more. The ultraviolet exposure either eliminates the pollutant or neutralizes its ability to replicate.


  • Reduces or prevents microbe growth on HVAC coils allowing maximum efficiency during operation
  • High output, long life UV-C lamps
  • Low maintenance and reduced operating costs



The Rheem PROTECH™ 84-HRV100 is a ventilation system that optimally provides fresh outdoor air while expelling stale, humid indoor air from your home. The heat recovery system provides warm fresh air by recovering heat energy from the exhausted air while controlling and eliminating excess pollutants and humidity.


  • Constructed of pre-painted steel and lined with foil-faced fiberglass insulation to minimize energy loss
  • Choice of wall controls (Required – sold separately)
  • Optional remote push-button timer available to allow utilization of ERV/HRV for spot ventilation
  • 6 in. round inlets and outlets for easy duct connections
  • Smart defrost system to prevent freeze-ups
  • 20 gauge pre-painted steel with corrosion resistant finish
  • Built-in 1/2 in. drain tube connection fittings
  • Integral balancing dampers for balancing air flow
  • Easily removable, washable, metal framed air filters
  • PSC motor designed for constant operation
  • Three optional blower speeds, two speed settings
  • Ultra quiet blower design
  • Deeper one-piece condensate tray
  • Sturdy damper design for adverse weather conditions
  • HVI certified
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You might be wondering what a humidifier has to do with indoor air quality, however, balanced humidity levels between 30 to 60% is a key ingredient to your overall comfort, especially during the winter season we are so accustomed to in Sioux Falls. When your furnaces are running during the winter to keep the household warm, hot air blowing causes the water vapor to evaporate which leads to drops in humidity levels.

According to a scientific study, drops in humidity below 35% contribute to a stronger breeding ground for influenza. On the other hand, dry air also contributes to dry nasal passages thus weakening your natural defenses against sickness. A HE100A humidifier from Honeywell is the perfect solution to combat this and treat your whole house, improve comfort, reduce energy costs, conserve water, operate quietly and be easy to maintain.


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At Extreme Heating and Plumbing in Sioux Falls, we make every job centered around your perfect comfort solution. So why let germs, noxious gases, particles, and other pollutants affect your comfort and even worse, you and/or your family’s health. We provide multiple solutions to help alleviate and stop indoor air quality issues altogether. Check below for our featured products that we guarantee work like a charm. Contact us for HVAC services in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.